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Extractor de bucle cerrado automático PAVELAB50

These tests methods are used for quantitative determinations of bitumen in hot-mixed paving mixtures and paving samples for specification acceptance, service evaluation, control and research.
These methods prescribe the solvent or solvents that can be used for the binder extraction and recovery.
The representative bitumen sample can be used to perform other tests such as penetration, softening point, etc.. Aggregates, including filler, are also separated and remain available for sample grading.
We are proposing several models of extraction system, including the Automatic Closed-System Asphalt Analysator.

Operating principle
The asphalt sample (maximum 3.5 kg) is placed in a washing drum lined with a sinthered multilayer mesh with openings 0.063, 0.075 or 0.090 mm wide and it is fitted into the washing chamber. Bitumen and filler are separated from the sample by washing with solvent and ultrasonic motion. The mixture of filler/bitumen/solvent is then centrifuged and the filler is separated. The aggregates and filler are dried by forced air circulation and the residue of solvent recovered by condensation.
The remaining bitumen/solvent solution is distilled and separated in two different tanks. Part of the bitumen/solvent solution can be drained off before distillation and connected to a flask for use with a rotary evaporator to recover a

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