Results Manager

Teachers and administrators


Unlike Clarity’s other programs, Results Manager is exclusively for teachers and administrators. It integrates with Clarity’s content programs to provide a comprehensive overview of learner activity. It achieves this by enabling managers and teachers to organise learner records, generate reports, view usage statistics, and manage access to Clarity content programs.

Key functions

Student management

You can organise your students into groups and subgroups (e.g. year groups and classes) so that you can see the performance of a whole class in a single report. You can also paste in or import groups of students to save data entry time.

Access control and login options

Results Manager allows you to decide which students can use the program (making sure you get the best use of your licences) and how they log in, for example whether they need to enter a password.


The central function of Results Manager is to provide reports on student activity. You can generate three main types of report (all with a number of variations). ⦁Student reports focus on student performance.