Business Writing

Core skills for business writing


Any effective business writing course requires a strong online element. Business Writing takes an interactive approach to helping learners produce effective emails, letters, SMS and reports. The program is ideal for schools and colleges preparing their students for the workplace. Business Writing is enjoyable, thought-provoking and always practical.


Business Writing focuses on the nuts and bolts of writing: the writing process, clarity, appropriacy, vocabulary and grammar. The topic matter is always up-to-date and relevant. (Should I use abbreviations in emails? Can I use jargon in a report to my workgroup? How do I keep my writing gender neutral?)


Identifying learning objectives. Each unit begins with an activity where students focus on objectives: those relating to the text type itself (organization of a report); and the language they will need (tenses in each section of a report).

Practice activities. Learners then work on activities based around audio lectures from teachers and authentic business texts.

Focus on grammar. Each unit includes a grammar section, covering, for example, prepositions, modals or contractions. These activities include presentation and practice.

Writing a document. Each of the ten units finishes with extensive writing activities, where learners write a report, an email, or another document based on a context built up over the unit.

Some key features

Handy downloads

Learners can download texts, audios and worksheets from a separate website linked to Business Writing to build up a library of model writing.

Writing skills

Covers not just text types, but also key business writing skills. These include writing appropriately in terms of formality and gender awareness, and linking ideas logically.

Presentation skills

Business Writing helps learners to create neat error-free documents through proof reading activities and work on basic formatting and layout skills.

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