Clear Pronunciation 2



In Clear Pronunciation 2 (Speech), students learn to put the sounds of English together in natural speech. This program sensitizes them to elements of pronunciation they may not even be aware of (such as sentence stress or intonation) and helps them to listen and produce these sounds accurately.


This program helps students with word stress, sentence stress, consonant clusters, connected speech and intonation.


Learning objectives. First, a teacher clearly explains and illustrates each topic in a series of videos.

Audio input. Learners then listen to audio clips, identify the target pronunciation feature, recognize it and practice repeating it.

Sounds in context. Learners are exposed to the target elements of pronunciation in real-life speech such as a tourism documentary or a song.

Unscripted interviews. Finally learners watch unscripted interviews, which highlight the target pronunciation element, and practice answering the questions themselves.

Some key features

Range of voices

Male and female; young and middle-aged; English, Scottish, Australian, New Zealand, North American, Chinese, Indian... Learners are exposed to a real-life variety of accents

Engaging approach

Clear Pronunciation 2 (Speech) mixes teacher input with a range of activity types and authentic materials to create a program that feels engaging and relevant to students.

Clear progression

There is a logical progression from Clear Pronunciation 1 (Sounds) where students learn individual sounds to this program where they put those sounds together in clear, natural-sounding speech

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